Phase I involved Northside Drive and at the future location of Mims Park. Phase II the design of a capacity relief sewer system and above ground storage facility located in Vine City for the City of Atlanta’s (COA) Department of Watershed Management (DWM). COA DWM is responsible for the maintenance of the combined sewer system to facilitate proper drainage for the COA’s public Right-of-Ways. The project team is providing consulting, design, permitting, bidding and construction engineering services for infrastructure improvements.
SKYLINE’s responsibilities for this project consists of leading the survey, civil design – quality assurance, and constructability components of the work. This is a high-profile project for the City of Atlanta, the successful outcome of storm water system’s planning, design, and construction will eliminate flooding in the region.
Specifically, the SKYLINE team provided planimetric, topographic, and tree surveys. We surveyed approximately 2,730 linear feet (LF) of right of way and 16 acres of Mims Park and adjacent areas. The survey scope identified property lines (ROW) adjacent to the prescribed route and boundary of Mims Park; recorded all drainage and utility easements in project area; placed permanent horizontal and vertical control points along the route and park area; identified all above ground features within the survey limits (i.e. edge of pavement, gutters, curbs, side, walks, building corners, utilities, walls, handrails, guardrails, fences, water hydrants, storm and sanitary sewer manholes, and inverts. The topographic survey provided one-foot contour accuracy and the tree survey consisted of identifying trees of one-inch in diameter and greater along the pipe route, and six-inches or larger in the Mims Park area. In addition, the SKYLINE team is providing Quality Assurance and Quality Control Assistance for the engineering design and constructability of the storm water management project. Overall tasks entailed the review and constructability analysis of site conditions, earthwork, base & pavement, drainage, structures, traffic control, ROW, staging, and scheduling.

Rodney Mims Cook, Sr. Peace Park Phase II – Capacity Relief Trunk Line

Contact Mr. Jerry D. Jones
Year Completed 2020
Construction Cost $43,000,000
Project Acres 16 +/- Acres


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