SKYLINE provides construction assessment services for clients that need verification of the existing facility’s status.

These services include:

  • Environmental assessment
  • Storm system assessment
  • Pavement assessment
  • Wetlands assessment
  • Above ground utility assessment (fixtures)
  • Mechanical system assessment
  • Lighting system assessment
  • Structural system assessment
  • Building assessment
  • Site assessment
  • Roof assessment

Before a client makes a financial investment, SKYLINE can assess the job site and/or facility and furnish an assessment report. This report includes a rating of all existing building/site elements and the necessary repairs (if any). Our clients find this information extremely beneficial as it directly affects fiscal project decisions.
Additional assessment report information includes:

  • Renovation cost estimates
  • Projected schedules and completion dates
  • General conditions and hazard concerns
  • Potential permits, zoning, licenses, taxes, and insurance or bonding for the project and contractor
  • Building system recommendations

The combination of our extensively trained staff and our comprehensive processes yields a thorough assessment of the existing site and/or building.